Monday, March 08, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: Lucky Sheep

The Lucky Sheep Etsy Shop has beautifully handcrafted knitter bags. Jurgita, the owner of the shop, and creator of these bags started out making knitter bags for herself.  This was a way for her to keep her on going projects separate and organized.  It also kept her husband from knowing just how many knitting projects she had going at the same time :-) Jurgita lives in Lithuania and ships worldwide.

This set of 2 Lucky Sheep Knitter Project Bags is the most popular item in the shop. The large bag measures 8,5" wide by 4" deep (22cm x 10cm) and 14" (32cm) high. The smaller bag measures 5" wide by 3" deep (13cm x 7,5cm), and 8" (20cm) high. Both bags have four pockets on the inside.

Here is an example of a Mystic Owl Knitting Project Mini Bag. This adorable bag is for small projects. It measures 5" wide by 3" deep (13cm x 7,5cm), and 8" (20cm) high. There are four convenient pockets on the inside.

Here is a cute Happy Cow Knitter Project Bag, which measures 8,5" wide by  4" deep (22cm x 10cm) and 14" (32cm) high. Inside are four pockets for needles, stitch markers, tape measure, knitting needle stoppers, yarn, etc.

Here is my favorite knitter bag, Large Cats Family Knitter Bag.

Check out Lucky Sheep Etsy Shop for lots more knitter bags.


  1. THANK YOU, LINDA :) I wish you more good articles!
    I will create more knitting bags if you like them.

    yours Jurgita
    find me (JBstyle) in

  2. I love these bags... Thank you so much sharing with us...

  3. Happy and lovely creations, I love all cat themed items :)