Saturday, February 19, 2011

Etsy Shop Of The Day: Storybook Design

When I saw these birdhouses, I just said WOW! They are so darn cute!!! They come from the Storybook Design Etsy Shop which offers gifts for the fairytale home and garden.

Black and White Cat Birdhouse
Yellow Tabby Cat Birdhouse
Electric Blue Cat Birdhouse
Gray Tabby Cat Birdhouse (back view)
Aren't they adorable? If you want to make your own cat birdhouse, you can buy the plans from Storybook Design.

Siamese Cat Birdhouse Plan and Templates


  1. These are so sweet!
    I love bird houses.

    Kind of ironic too, how a cat would love to have a bird in its mouth!

    Thanks for the :) and the information!