Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Cat Finds: Pillows

Last week I did not post my Friday Cat Finds because my computer hiccuped and I lost the links of all the wonderful items I had picked out.

This week I have picked out cat pillows.  I found lots of cat pillows on Etsy, and had a difficult time making myself dwindle my favorites down to six. I know... I say that every week :-) and every week it is true.

First up is a Dove Gray Velvet Cat. If you like this pillow, you will love Bell Studios because there are lots more of these velvet cats to choose from in beautiful colors. So cute!

Here is Oliver the Cat Double-sided Pillow by Olive Owl Art. This pillow is 16" square and shows the silhouette of a kitty playing with a ball of yarn. The other side of the pillow shows the silhouette of a cat in mid-stride.

This next 16" square Pillow has blocks of funky kitties, and comes from the annedidit Etsy Shop. I love the colors in this pillow.

I have a soft spot for Primitive items, and the Northern Lodge has quite a few primative cat pillows. This one is called Kitty love-upcycled wool kitty pillow. If you like Primitive, you've got to check this shop out!

Up next is a Handcrafted Fancy Retro Cat Linen Pillow by amdeschaine. The detail that went into making this pillow is amazing. For instance, the collar is made of clear beads with a beaded sequin in the center.

This is a Primitive Wool Felted Appliqued Cat Pillow by MountainMommaDesigns. The pillow shows cats growing out of a pot, and the saying on the pot reads "Bloom Where You're Planted!"

Hope you stop by next Friday to see what kitty items I find then.


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