Family Pets

I have four cats. Jerry was born in March of 2004. Maggie was born one year later. Brady was born in June 2007. Sunny was born in December 2010.  They are all barn rescues. Jerry is the boss, Maggie is timid around other people, and Brady still acts like a kitten.  Sunny is extremely friendly and cuddly.

Brady and his handmade catnip footballs. Go Pats! Go Florida Gators!
Brady and his slipper.  The things cats get attached to!
Brady after his first bath.  He was not a happy kitty.
Jerry relaxing in his handmade fluffy cat bed.
Jerry and Morris "sharing" a chair. Morris has since passed away.
Maggie a few days after she was rescued from a barn.
Maggie's bed she found all by herself.
Maggie just "hanging out."
Brady hogging the spotlight from Morris.
Sunny at four months old.
My daughter's dog Nikita during a snow storm.
Nikita enjoying the fall foliage with the rest of us "leaf peepers."
My daughter's cat, Maji, enjoying the garden.
Maji's daily workout.
Nikita and I keeping cool on a hot summer day.

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  1. Such sweet faces. I just love to look into the eyes. The say so much.