Saturday, October 23, 2010

How To Make A "Grab My Button" For Blog Button Swaps

Blog Button Swaps have become popular in the Etsy Bloggers circle.  Bloggers put a Grab My Button on their blogs, so anyone who wants to grab it to put on their blog, can.

I have a Grab My Button on my All About Cats Blog.  It is on the sidebar near the top of the page so people can find it easily.

I also have a Blog Button Swap Page to put the buttons in that I collect from blogs that I like who have a Grab My Button.

How to make a Grab My Button 

First make a button that represents your Etsy Shop and/or blog.

To make a button, you will need a photo editing program like Photo Shop, Paint Shop Pro, or others available for free online like Picasa, Gimp, Online Image Editor, Pixia. You can do a Google search for Free Editing Programs to find lots more.

Make your blog button either 125 by 125 pixels, or 150 by 150 pixels.  My button is 150 by 150.  You can actually make your button any size you want, but I highly suggest one of the above sizes because it makes it easier for bloggers who grab your button to fit it in with other buttons they have collected.

Second, get the code for making a "Grab My Button".

Once you've made your button, go to All About Kimberly's great tutorial How To Put A "Grab My Button" Link On Your Blog.  Follow the instructions.

You can find other "Grab My Button" Tutorials here:
How To Make And Grab A Button by Mommy's Idea
Grab My Button, Promote My Blog by Blogging With Success
Blog Button With Text Box For Code by A Heart for Home

Third, you are done!



If you want to swap buttons with me, leave a comment to this post giving me your blog address.


  1. That is just too Spooky, one of my Blogger jobs tonight was to Google how to make a 'Grab My Button' for my Blog. Thanks for that! :)

  2. Great post... thank you for sharing...

  3. Hi Linda...thanks for the tutorial and then I also went to Mommy's Idea and between the two I think I got it......and I think it works now....guess you can teach an old dog new tricks....