About Me

I live in the beautiful US state of Vermont. I was brought up on a small farm in the small Vermont town of Strafford. My mother loved nature and passed that love on to me. We used to go horseback riding, skiing, and hiking.

Me On My Horse I Named "My Own Surprise" - 1965
We owned one milking cow named Bessy.

Me Sitting On Bessy In The Barn Yard - 1967
Over a period of a few years, my mother, brothers and I hiked the Long Trail end-to-end.  The long trail runs the entire length of Vermont.

One Of My Brothers And Me Outside a Long Trail Cabin - 1965
My mother also passed to me her creative side.  She made beautiful braided rugs of different sizes and shapes.  I still have the heart shaped rug she made for me.  She also belonged to the "Fad Of The Month Club" in the 1950s and 1960s. Each month she would receive a package in the mail containing all the parts and instructions to make something.  I used to love to sit and watch her create things from a bunch of small parts. My favorite was a rooster she made from beans.

My favorite crafts are sewing and painting. I love to paint on rocks!

My favorite movies are from the 1940s and 1950s.

My favorite part about retirement is that I get to nurture my creative side.

My favorite outdoor activities are horse back riding, gardening, hiking, and camping in Vermont State Parks.

I have three cats, Jerry, Maggie, and Brady. For more info about them visit the Family Pets Page on this blog.

Besides my three cats, I have an aquarium full of fish.