Monday, January 24, 2011

Made It Myself Monday: Recycled Denim Purses

Sometimes I go through phases of making a certain thing for a while, but then stop completely.  That is what happened with making purses out of recycled bluejeans.  It was probably in 2006 or 2007 when I made a few, and I haven't made any since.

Here are the two I still have, and still use once in awhile.

This is the front of one.


And this is the back.

Here is the second purse.

One of my son's friends gave me the jeans that I used to make the second purse.  The three decorative trims you can see in the picture were around the bottom of the jeans legs.  I think this was my favorite to make simply because of the trim.

I doubt if I will ever make any more jean purses.  I'm completely over that phase of my life...LOL   The only sewing I do on denim jeans now is when I have to patch a pair.  My sewing machine never liked making the purses anyway.  It let me know by all the frequent broken needles.

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