Monday, January 31, 2011

Made It Myself Monday: Painting On Rocks

Painting on rocks is a passion for me. It is also a process.  The process starts with me going to a river or a brook to pick out rocks that I think "can become something."  Sometimes I pick up a rock, and know immediately what I want to make from it.  Other times I have no idea what the rock will become, but take it because I like the shape and size.

Once I get the rocks home, I thoroughly clean them with soap and water and a scrub brush.  For a rock I already know what I want to paint on it, I can start the painting process right away, but for a rock that I don't yet know what it should become, there is another step.  I have to put the rock somewhere and then look at it now and then.  It could take hours, days or weeks before it comes to me what the rock will become.  When it suddenly comes to me exactly what I should transform the rock into, then I can start the transformation process of painting it.

When I paint, I lose all track of time.  This is the passion part of the process.  I just paint and paint until the rock has become what I mentally envisioned it to be.

Painting on rocks is something I have loved to do for many years, and something I hope to be able to do for many more.


  1. wow - I knew you could sew, but these are really beautiful,shows talent. I have dabbled in rock painting and it is meditative and the best part is finding the rocks - gives you an excuse to go romping around in a brook or river. You go girl!

  2. These painted rocks are great. I started painting on rocks but yours are SO GOOD! I wrote an article on Squidoo about mine (with pics). No where near as good as this though!

  3. what paint/process do you use after you wash the rocks? seal them? Love your rocks!