Monday, April 21, 2008

Promotional Bags

I've been busily making promo bags. So far, I've made pins, ponytail holders, earrings and bracelets. I have 33 done. My goal is to make at least 50 and send them out by the end of the week.

Erin of Dinner Time Chimes has been collecting promo bags from Etsy sellers and is going to take them to arts and craft shows this summer to give to people. She has taken pictures of some of the goodie bags she has received. You can see them on her We Love Etsy Site.

Check out Erin's Dinner Time Chimes Shop on Etsy where you can find Silverware Wind Chimes and many more unique, creative items. My favorite item is Hardworking Dad Boot Bird House.

Thank you Erin for being such a nice person!

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