Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nominating Etsy Shops To Be Featured On My Blog

If anyone knows of an Etsy Shop that they think has the "Wow Factor," and want to nominate that shop to be featured on my blog, check out the below guidelines. If I select the shop you've nominated, I will write a separate post about your Etsy shop!! Note: I always ask permission before featuring a shop.


The shop you nominate can not be your own, a family member's, or a friend's. It should be a shop that you just happened to visit and thought to yourself, "Wow, what a great shop," or something to that effect.

Your shop and the shop you nominate must not contain "adult's only" content.

Add a comment to this post and include the following:
Name and URL of the shop you are nominating.
A brief blurb explaining why you consider this shop a "Wow Factor" shop.
Explain how you found this shop.
Include your shop name and URL.

If you have any questions, you can email me at AllAboutCatsEtsy@gmail.com

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