Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wow! Factor Etsy Shop: Cyndimac's Nick Knacks

Have you ever visited an Etsy Shop and your first reaction was WOW!? Well, that was my first reaction when I visited Cyndimac's Nick Knacks Shop. And then when I found out her beautiful creations were made from recycled materials, I thought WOW! again. This shop is amazing!

This Snowman Ornament was made from a recycled light bulb.

The below Santa Ornament is made from a shell.

This Santa Ornament is made from a soda can.

Cindi even makes "Special Order" items, like this Candy Cane Santy Wine Bottle.

There are lots of other wonderful creations in this shop, as well!

I visit a lot of Etsy Shops, and when I find one that has the Wow! factor like this one, it makes my day.

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