Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Collection Of Etsy Cat Avatars

Hover mouse over image for store name. Click on image to go to store.

Cattoo         Kitty Pink Sparkle         Castle Of Cats         Kitty & Me Designs

Cat Lover's Retro Emporium         Cat Fluff         Cat Scratch Hill         Purr Prints

Bobble Noggin         Viva Le Chat         Once Upon A Time Ago         The Essence of Innocence

Fat Cat Crafts         Like Kittysville         Bad Cat Jewelry         Cat Heaven Crafts

Like Kittysville         Vic's Original Art         All About Cats         PJ Turner

Crafty Little Kitten         Snowy652's Crafty Corner Of The Web         Cards By Jenna         Art By Darla

Orange Cat Art         Kitty Cat Studio         Kitty Hawke         All Things Whimsical & Fun

Kitty Knit Designs         Kitty B Creative         Kitty's Art and Stuff         KittyFaerie Studio        

Kittypat Designs         Kitty Kards         Kittysquared Concepts         Art By Julie        

Kitty's Shop         Kitty Darkness Designs         Kitty Miaow Wow         Kitty Loco

Cats N Mouse         Catnip Alley         Cats And Crickets Boutique         Catspaw Creations

Torch Song Beadery         Designs By Christine         Laura4ca         Cat Lady Crafts

catsicle         Matou En Peluche         Kitty Butt         Inkandar

Catz In The House         Kitty Knits         Cat Chloe Designs         Cat's Designs

Cat Mystery         JazziesJunque         Kitty Herman's Unique Boutique         Kitty Kitty Duck Duck

Kitty Kitty Boom Boom         Purr Prints

One of these avatars is not a cat. Can you tell which one it is, and what it really is? Leave your answers in the comment box to the right.

If you would like your Cat Avatar posted here, leave a comment with the link to your Etsy Shop.


  1. Thanks so much for including my avatar you have some really cute cats I am not even going to dare to guess wich one isnt a cat though.

  2. Thanks for including me. :-)

    Cats Rock!


  3. What awesome stuff you have! Absolutely love it. I know one place I am coming for the holidays! Feel free to post my kitty avatar on your blog.

    Thank you and good luck.

  4. Thanks for including me. I just popped over to your store for mouse

  5. Meow,Meow, Meoooooooooooooow, I love it!