Monday, May 11, 2009

Featured Etsy Shop: The House Of Mouse

I found another great shop! It is The House Of Mouse Etsy Shop which features "Little Mice With Big Hearts." Each mouse is created with tremendous attention to detail. The mice are hand sewn and made from felt. Other items used to make these cute little creatures include fake fur, silks, sequins, beads, glue, monofilament and polyfil.

Below is a picture of the artisan and owner of the shop, Anna, in her studio:

I interviewed Anna, and here are my questions and her answers:

What inspired you to start making the mice?
I originally made them as Christmas gifts for my family in Dec 2007; a Photographer Mouse for my father who loves taking pictures, an Artist Mouse for my painter friend, Reading mice for my bookworm friends etc… They went down so well that I decided to sell them. I can hardly believe how well they have been received!

On average, how long does it take to make each mouse?
They used to take me hours but over the last year or so I have made about a thousand of them so I am much faster now. The time each takes depends on how complicated they are. a single Beatles Mouse takes about 4 hours because of all the detail on their costumes, but the average mouse takes about 90 mins now, I make them in batches to be more efficient with my time.

Do all the mice come with a certificate?
Yes, I even have a special wax seal for them which was custom made for The House of Mouse.

Here is a link to another interview with Anna:
Open Studio Tour: The House Of Mouse

And here is my favorite mouse, The Barack Obamouse holding a Yes We Can sign.

Visit The House Of Mouse Etsy Shop for lots more mice.
And visit Anna's blog for more mousy info:
Life, Craftiness And Everything Else


  1. I love this shop! Thanks for the fun read!

  2. Very sweet mice:) I like them already and to read was fun!

  3. A great artist and themouses are so beautiful and original!