Thursday, April 01, 2010

I Made It Myself: Dream Catcher

For years I have wanted a dream catcher.  I thought about buying one, but then I would always think that I should try to make one.  And that is how the years went by without me having a dream catcher :-0

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wasn't go to procrastinate any longer, and so I searched for on-line tutorials and found lots of them.  I began practicing with craft items I had on hand using the tutorials as guides.  Once I decided that I sort of knew what I was doing, I took the plunge and spent a little less than $6.00 on supplies and made my dream catcher.

For a total beginner, I think it came out pretty good, and I love knowing that I made it myself!

If you are thinking about making your own dream catcher, check out these tutorials:
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My Dreamcatcher earring tutorial

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  1. I'm thinking about having my kids make these as a cultural activity in one of my classes. Thanks for posting such helpful links!