Sunday, June 20, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: AllThingSimple

Kelly Todd, owner of the AllThingSimple Etsy Shop, is a self taught artist, and mother of three children. She has been living in Northern Vermont for the past 9 years and enjoys the calmness and serenity it offers. She began woodworking in 2006 and then realized how connected she felt to nature and how much she wanted it to be in her life. Now she specializes in all handmade items made from 100% natural materials, paints or fibers.

Each piece is sanded smooth, dyed with natural colors, then finished with Kelly's homemade beeswax finish.

Kelly believes in living a simple and natural lifestyle and strives to create a gentle and embracing environment for her children. As a homeschooling mother she is glad she can incorporate schooling with work. Just about everything she does in her shop involves her children and homeschooling. Her children help Kelly organize, sort, and come up with ideas among many, many other things. Kelly feels that natural toys awaken children's creativeness and awakens their spirits. Children are Kelly's inspiration.

Perfect for Waldorf pretend play

Visit AllThingSimple Etsy Shop for many more specialty items for children.  Kelly also sells handmade organic soaps.

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