Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Organic Catnip Footballs For Your Cats

The playoffs are underway, and soon it will be Super Bowl time. While you are sitting on the couch watching your favorite team, your cats could be playing with their very own Organic Catnip Footballs.

Here is a picture of my youngest cat, Brady, playing with his footballs.

I named Brady after Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots.

Guess you can tell I'm a football fan.

If you are wondering if my carpets are really pink, well yes they are, but believe me I did not pick them out. I would have gone for a nice neutral color, like beige. Oh well...

Here is Brady and Jerry playing with their footballs.

Jerry is my eldest cat. I rescued all three of my cats from a barn when they were kittens. Now they get to play with organic catnip toys :-) and, they also get to live in a house with pink carpets...LOL

I sell Organic Catnip Footballs in my All About Cats Etsy Shop, so if you want your kitties to have something to keep them busy while you are watching football, check them out!

Don't like football? There are lots of other cat toys to choose from. And I sell handmade items for people who love cats, also.


  1. Awww! What lucky kitties! I'm sure the pink carpets don't bother them one bit! :)

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