Monday, February 07, 2011

Made It Myself Monday: Wooden Plaques

For my birthday a few years ago I was given a scroll saw. My plan was to cut out shapes for making wood plaques. Making wood plaques was something I really wanted to do, and I thought that I would make lots of them, and even sell some on Etsy.

Making the plaques with the scroll saw worked fine.  The problem that arose was when I tried to add the words to the plaques.  I never felt that my letters looked quite right, and it was difficult to make the words fit into the space I had allotted for them.  So I got discouraged.

I was able to cut out small shapes with the scroll saw, like the face above, and the panties on the below plaque.

 But I still was not happy with my writing.  These three plaques are the only ones I've made so far.  I do plan to try again, after I practice writing with paint.

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