Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Alexander's Designs

Alexander's Designs is run by a wife and husband team, Jenny and Skip Alexander.  They are a self employed couple who work construction together and make jewelry together. Their handcrafted jewelry includes a unique blend of Swarovski Crystals, lamp work beads, glass beads, semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, fine silver, pewter, and gold.

Ugly Glass is a line of glass Jenny and Skip create in their home studio. The process for making Ugly Glass starts with torching the glass, and then it is put into a special blanket to cool. Next it is annealed in a Kiln to relieve internal stresses. The annealing process significantly increases the strength of the glass.

Here is a Double Amber Purple Blob One Of of A Kind Ugly Glass Pendant  filled with swirls of many beautiful colors.

This is an Ugly Glass Borosilicate Glass Captured Flower Pendant from Skips Captured Flower Series.

There are lots more Ugly Glass pendants in the shop. Each one is unique and beautiful.

Alexander's Designs also offers customized photo pendants like the one below. Simply send Jenny a photo, and she will create a decal from it that she then fires onto a glass pendant. These would make wonderful gifts!

Sepia Photo Pendant - Customizable

Jenny and Skip also make Etched Copper Pendants. The one below is a hand drawn flower made from one of Jenny's sketches.

Etched Copper Pendant

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit of the processes that go into making the jewelry created by Jenny and Skip. The jewelry itself is stunning, but learning a bit about how it is created, makes me appreciate the jewelry at Alexander's Designs that much more.

You can sign up for Alexander's Designs Mailing List to receive special sales information and coupon codes.

Jenny and Skip have three other shops: Classically Simple, Beadery Destash and Ugly Glass. You can also find Jenny and Skip at: Alexander's Designs Blog, Alexander's Designs Website and Alexander's Designs Facebook Page.


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