Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BESTeam Feature: Your Daily Jewels

This week my BESTeam feature is on Your Daily Jewels Etsy Shop which is owned by Nora.

10% of proceeds to be donated to the
Autism Society of America

By day, Nora is a physical therapist for children with disabilities. The type of therapy she practices is Hippotherapy which is therapy aided by horses. The rhythmic movement of horses has a therapeutic effect on the individuals being treated. As a reward system for her patients, Nora began making simple jewelry for them using stones and baubles she had been collecting since childhood. She would tell the children a story behind each bead or stone in their new jewelry. The children loved their gifts, and Nora discovered a new creative outlet for herself.

Nora is a self-taught jeweler. Her free time is spent learning more about the trade by studying designs, materials and fabrication. She classifies her jewelry as glamorous handcrafted, colorful semi precious gemstone jewelry made with fine metals.

After living 20 years in New York City, Nora now lives in the village of Nyack, NY which is about 22 miles from NYC. Nyack sits on the bank of the Hudson River.

Nora has a second Etsy Shop called pj clark jewelry. This shop features modern and affordable jewelry which sells for under $40. Shipping to the US is free. Besides using new materials, Nora takes apart vintage jewelry to make new and unique modern pieces. The earrings below are made from golden Puffed Celluloid Sequins which are genuine antiques from France.

Visit Your Daily Jewels Blog where you can read about other artisans, Hippotherapy and other things Nora likes. Follow Your Daily Jewels Facebook page to be entered in Nora's frequent giveaways.

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  1. Thank you for this really lovely feature! I am so touched. I love it!

  2. Wonderful feature, Norah's creations are just stunning! And a special thank you for the Autism support, my 6 year old grandson was diagnosed at 3 years old, thanks to people like Norah, he is doing fantastically well!