Saturday, April 09, 2011

New Family Member, Sunny

I answered an add on craigslist for a four month old kitten that was rescued from a barn.  Last evening I went to see the kitten and fell in love with him immediately.  Needless to say, I brought him home with me.

He has big paws, purrs a lot, and loves to be held and petted. Last evening he check his new home out over and over again.  Once in awhile he would take a few minutes rest, then went right back to exploring.

Sunny is sweet and friendly.  Last night, he slept on the bed with me curled up to my head.... well, part of the night he did that, the other part of the night he stayed pretty much in the same place, except that he was playing.  

Jerry, Maggie and Brady (my other cats) have not welcomed him into the family yet, but that is to be expected.  Probably by tomorrow Sunny and Brady will be running around together playing.  Brady is four years old, but a kitten at heart.


  1. Awe, he is so sweet! And he matches the background well!
    I am sure the other cats will accept him soon and then they will all be running amok :)

  2. Happy long life with your new family dear Sunny. Kisses to Jerry, Maggie and Brady.

  3. the color....I used to have a Siamese cat that was rescued from a roof (its owner didnt want it and left it there :( but love the orange tabby (is that what they are called?) DIL has one - Stanley who completely ignores her other cat, Rocky.... :)

  4. Orange cats are the best! Congratulations on the new family member.