Thursday, September 04, 2008

This Was On Craig's List: I would like to borrow your cat (or maybe rent??)

"I have a bad mouse problem and I need a cat that is hungry for some mice!!!! These mice are so smart they steal the bait I have on the trap and don't even set it!!!! I have been setting these traps for over a week and so far NOT ONE HAS BEEN TRIPPED!!!! (And yes - I've tried them and they DO snap!!!!)

I have a very pet friendly home and would keep your cat indoors only. I don't think I'd need your cat for very long - just long enough to keep the little mousies having nightmares of sharp teeth!!!! Maybe a week at most??? I would prefer a cat that doesn't scratch the furniture, but at this point I'm not sure I'd even mind a little cat scratching!!! I JUST WANT THOSE DARN MICE GONE!!!! They poop all over my counter and it is SO annoying!!!!

You are MORE than welcome to come and tour the place before your entrust your beloved kitty to me. You could even come over for a glass of wine while Ferocious Kitty (my new nickname for your cat) is busily chomping down the rodents!!! I might even splurge and rent a movie!

Lazy cats need not apply. I need a MOUSER!!!!"


  1. wow you really can find anything on craigslist. that's funny.