Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Groogle Organic Catnip Bell Toys

When I design a new catnip toy, the first one does not always turn out the way I had planned. Case in point: The below picture shows my first attempt at making a frog:

Since it clearly was not a frog, I created a fictional creature with a fictional tale to go with it.

Here is the tale about Groogles:
Groogles are creatures that live in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They are rarely ever seen by humans, but it is said that if a human ever does spot a Groogle in the wild, that person will have life-long good luck. For some unknown reason Groogles love cats and will come out of hiding to play with them. Groogles come in many different colors. Their most prominent features are their eyes which protrude out of the tops of their heads. Female Groogles have large, bright red lips, and males have paler, smaller lips.

The above picture is of Glenza, and the below pic shows Glenza with her friend Gretza:

Glenza and Gretza have both found wonderful homes where they can play with cats.

I have since created a frog pattern that I am happy with. The below picture is Freddie:

My catnip toys are originals of my own design :-)


  1. I think the Groogles are adorable! Happy New Year, and much success for your Etsy shop in 2009!

  2. Love these little guys! Hope you had a great holiday. :-) Cheers to a successful 2009!!!