Thursday, January 01, 2009

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act that congress passed in August is meant to keep lead and phthalates out of childrens products. This Act is a direct result of China and other developing countries selling toys that made children sick and/or caused bodily harm. In that respect, the Act is a very good thing! But, the problem is that the expensive and redundant testing that will be required will put many small businesses and hand-crafters out of business.

This may not personally affect your small business, but the next Act may be concerning soap, animal products, etc. The more people who help this current issue, the more respect and acknowledgement hand-crafters and small business owners will receive, and hopefully next time our concerns and voices will be considered before it gets this far.

Jen from Child's Play Crochet is one of the many hand-crafters who will be effected by the CPSIA. You can read what Jen has to say about this issue on the front page of her Etsy Shop.

There is a Petition to
Save Handmade Toys & Children's Products from the CPSIA that anyone can sign. This petition is sponsored by the Handmade Toy Alliance which has info on how you can help to work toward getting the CPSIA modified so that crafters can continue to sell handmade products for children. There is info on how you can contact your Congress person and/or Senator. There is even a sample letter you can use to contact them.

Here is a link to an Etsy Storque Article, CPSIA: Updates and Calls to Action

There are many Etsy Forum Threads like
Looking for Vermont crafter who will be affected by CPSIA

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  1. Thanks for posting more information about the act and its possible outcomes.